What is Desiccated Coconut ?

Desiccated Coconut The Lightweight which is dense in nutrition

Desiccated Coconut from Indonesia

Before we in to the manufacturing process, let’s get to know what desiccated coconut is. 

Desiccated coconut (DC) or coconut flour is the result of processing coconut which is mashed by chopping or shredding it without adding other ingredients and then drying it hygienically.

The nutritional value of DC is quite high and resembles coconut in general.

Starting from the content of fat, protein fiber, vitamins and minerals can be obtained from DC.

The nutritional content is certainly good for the body to fulfill daily nutrition.

Then how is the DC creation process?

In making DC, what you have to do is peel the coconut fruit and clean it from the brown skin to get the flesh.

The white coconut meat then go through cleaning and washing process with water. After washing, the coconut will be inspected to maintain its quality.

The clean coconut meat is shredding in the first stage with a grinder machine and pressed with a pressing machine to obtain coconut milk and dregs.

This pressed pulp is used as raw material for dry coconut. The dregs are then passed in a screw equipped with hot steam which functions to kill pathogenic microbes.

After drying process in a drying machine, the final step is grinding the meat into shredded coconut.

sieving by a machine consisting of several layers of different sizes of sieve to obtain a DC particle size according to customer demand.

After the sieving process is complete, the dry grated coconut will be packed and passing through a metal detector to ensure no metal inside the finish product then released to the warehouse.

That is the process of making desiccated coconut which gives many benefits when consumed. Want to know more about desiccated coconut or other coconut goodness? Keep up with the updated information on our website, in www.oneglobalcoco.com

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